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A place to pay attention to the work of a submersible sewage pump
- Mar 05, 2018 -

1, the installation of the submersible sewage pump has two kinds of fixed and mobile. When fixed type automatic installation is applied, the chain cable shall be penetrated into the pump separately (deviating from the outlet of the pump, the connecting line should be parallel to the pump outlet), and the two lifting screws or lifting plates should be lifted up and down. Slow down along the guide rail until the automatic coupling is in place. When mobile installation is applied, first hose is set up, then chain pump is connected through two rings to lift up and down the electric pump. Attention should not be paid to cable as a rope, so as to avoid danger.

2, using 500V Mega ohmmeter to measure the same and relative insulation resistance of electric pump motors, the value should be no less than 2 MEG. Otherwise, the drying temperature of motor stator windings should not be more than 120 degrees.

3, the submersible sewage pump should carefully check whether the cable is damaged before use, whether the fastener is loose or falling off, whether there is deformation or damage in the process of transportation, storage and installation.

4. The pump without self circulating cooling device is strictly prohibited to be exposed to the surface of the water for a long time, in order to prevent the overheating and damage of the electric pump.

5, the pump must not be operated at low head for a long time. (generally, the head should not be less than 60% of the rated lift). It is best to control the recommended range of head to prevent the electric pump from burning the motor due to overloading.

6, submersible sewage pump in the absence of special circumstances must be equipped with full automatic water pump control cabinet, do not hang directly or use the grid switch to connect the power supply, to ensure the normal operation of electric pump.

7, the casing and ground wire of the submersible sewage pump must be strictly regulated according to the relevant regulations. In order to ensure personal safety during operation, it is strictly prohibited to install or operate water in the vicinity when the electric pump is running, so as to prevent accidents in case of electric leakage.

8, the rotation direction of the submersible sewage pump after the connection is seen from the inlet to counter clockwise rotation. If the electric pump reverses, it is necessary to switch any two lines in the cable line to the wiring location.