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How to choose the best sewage pump
- Aug 16, 2018 -

With the continuous development of science and technology, the amount of substances transported by pumps is increasing. The sewage pump is a general term used to transport liquids containing suspended solids and fibrous materials. It is often used in municipal, environmental, sewage, light industry, mining, chemical, food, household and other fields. So, how to choose a suitable sewage pump? The following Zede pump industry will introduce you how to choose the sewage pump.

1. Select the appropriate sewage pump according to the discharge flow rate and the lift head size and height.

2, according to the use of different reasonable choice of sewage pump. For example, for the transportation of sewage with high sediment content, a sewage pump with better wear resistance is used; for conveying sewage or sewage, the maximum particle diameter of the sewage pump is considered; for example, when conveying corrosion-resistant medium, Consider using a corrosion-resistant pump; if transporting fibrous materials, consider using a sewage pump with a cutting mechanism.

3, according to the sewage pump price, quality conditions, operating costs and installation, maintenance and other factors to consider the selection of a suitable pump.

4. Under the premise of energy saving and meeting the requirements of use, the sewage pump with higher efficiency is selected, and the parameters of the selected sewage pump are operated within the range of 0.7-1.2 times of rated flow.

5. Check the sewage pump for reliable grounding devices and safety protection devices to avoid affecting the safe use of the sewage pump.