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How to deodorize the sewage pumping station
- Aug 21, 2018 -

Sewage pumping station is the main tool for transporting industrial enterprises and domestic sewage. However, it is easy to produce odor in life. It has always been a headache. How to remove this odor? How to remove it?

The cause of the odor in the sewage pumping station is mainly due to the decay of organic matter in many sewages, and the main component of the odor is hydrogen sulfide. The hazard of hydrogen sulfide is relatively large, mainly affecting people's physical health, affecting the environment, affecting people's normal life and work, reducing the quality of life and urban environment. Therefore, the main problem of deodorization of sewage pumping stations is the removal of hydrogen sulfide gas.

The general deodorization methods of sewage pumping stations are divided into adsorption method, absorption method, biological deodorization method and high energy ion method. The most economical ones are biological deoxidation method and high energy ion oxidation method. The adsorption method is a common method of physics, and uses a substance such as activated carbon or alum to absorb the odorous substance, thereby preventing the odor from escaping. The law of absorption is the use of chemical methods, the efficiency is relatively high, but it is more dangerous, so it is rarely used. The biological deodorization method refers to the sewage pumping station removing oxygen from the water body by microorganisms to form other substances without odor, and the microorganisms will parasitize on the wet carrier to grow a thin biofilm, when the odorous material flows through In this microbial area, it is oxidized into water and carbon dioxide, thus completing the deodorization process of the odor. The high-energy ion method utilizes the high-energy ion generating device of the sewage pumping station, and conveys the controllable positive and negative itch ion air to the space where the odor is emitted by means of the ventilation system, and shields the pollution source with the ion air, so that the ions react with the odorous gas, thereby reducing the concentration. .

By contrast, you should know the difference between several methods. Their scope of application is that the biological deodorization method is applicable to the sewage pumping station that runs all the year round. The high energy ion law is suitable for the rainwater pumping station with low concentration and large flow rate, so everyone should choose the type to avoid affecting the use effect.