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How to install a deep well pump
- Aug 14, 2018 -

1. Inspection work before installation of deep well pump

Inspection of the well Before the deep well pump is down, check whether the inner diameter of the well is in conformity with the requirements of the external dimensions of the unit, and whether the well is straight, so as to avoid damage caused by the unit colliding with the well wall. When installing a new well, check whether the quality of the well washing meets the requirements. The well water should not be turbid and mixed with debris. The sediment concentration should not exceed 0.01%. Check whether the water quality and water temperature are consistent with the selection of the electric pump.

Before checking the unit, check whether the fastener bolts are loose or not, whether the cable is damaged or not, whether the motor cavity has been filled with clean water or distilled water, and whether there is water leakage. Check the winding insulation for the motor after water injection. Shake the table and measure it to a value of not less than 40MΩ. When the cable is connected to the motor lead, it should not be lower than 500MΩ (the insulation resistance of water at the joint of the single finger joint).

When in the well, the insulation resistance of the motor to ground should be measured at any time, the value is not low and 40MΩ.

After the submersible pump is driven down the well, the steering operation is observed to be consistent with the indication sign. The starting equipment should be adjusted to allow the deep well pump to operate at rated current.

2. The installation equipment and tools should have lifting equipment that is more than 3M in height and can bear the whole weight of the unit. It should be equipped with a tripod, wire rope, pump card, wrench, wire cutter, screwdriver, megger, pressure gauge, Tools and instruments such as water level measuring instruments.

3. The complete set of units in the well location is immersed in the well water (see installation diagram). The moving water level should be higher than the intake of the deep well pump by more than 3M. The unit should be no more than 70M when it is immersed in the static water level. The lower part of the motor should be higher than the bottom of the well by more than 5M.