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How to regulate the flow of submersible pump
- Aug 29, 2018 -

For the use of submersible pumps, we are mainly drainage, then for the discharge and flow control, I believe many do not know, then on the submersible pump flow control of the various adjustment methods.

1. speed regulation. Changing the rotational speed of the submersible pump can change the performance of the pump and make the operating point of the pump change. This method is called variable speed mediation.

2. variable diameter adjustment. After turning the impeller, the performance of the pump will change according to certain rules, so that the working point of the pump will change. The method of turning the impeller to change the pump operating point is called variable diameter adjustment.

3. variable angle adjustment. The performance of submersible pump can be changed by changing the installation angle of blade, so that the operating point of submersible pump can be changed. This way of changing the working point is called variable angle adjustment of water pump.

4. throttling adjustment. For the pump device with the gate valve installed in the water outlet pipeline, when the gate valve is closed for a short time and the local resistance is increased in the pipeline, the pipeline characteristic curve becomes steeper and the operating point moves to the upper left along the Q-H curve of the pump. The smaller the gate valve is, the greater the resistance will be, and the smaller the flow will be. This method of changing the pump operating point by closing the small gate valve is called throttling adjustment or variable valve regulation.