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The future development direction of the submersible axial flow pump
- Mar 05, 2018 -

Submersible axial flow pump is a mechanical and electrical products, the structure is simple and compact, easy to use, the market demand will continue to grow. At the same time, with the improvement of submersible axial flow pumps and the awareness of environmental protection in the manufacturing process of the products, the submersible axial flow pumps have also made new progress.

1, the development of various forms of multi-purpose submersible axial flow pump. Submersible axial flow pump in our country is not rich enough compared with well-known foreign companies. Some special-purpose submersible axial-flow pumps produce less, and the efficiency and technological level of pumps are also far away from the foreign ones.

2, to study more excellent performance hydraulic model, optimize hydraulic design, improve the efficiency of the submersible axial pump.

3, the development of high reliability mechanical seal. Mechanical seal submersible pump key, the use of two single-end mechanical seal, so that the medium pressure can be applied to the end face, the direction of leakage of inflow, which are beneficial, but the structure is slightly complicated. Double-sided mechanical seal in the oil chamber, both sides of the submersible axial flow pump should be used in different forms of structure, so that the pressure of the medium can act on the lower end surface, otherwise only by spring force, seal end surface of the thrust is easy to open the end .

4, the use of new materials. Stainless steel, high-density polyethylene, plastic lining and other materials should be applied to the submersible axial flow pump as soon as possible to change the current situation of a single submerged axial flow pump material to expand the application of submersible axial flow pump.

5, using high-performance online testing and fault diagnosis technology. Improve submersible axial flow pump on-line detection and fault diagnosis capabilities, the system has a good self-diagnosis, self-protection, take effective measures before the failure, to avoid major failures and unnecessary economic losses, thereby enhancing the submersible axial flow pump The service life.