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Well how to use submersible pump selection
- Mar 05, 2018 -

The submersible pump for the selection of wells is not so complicated, at four:

First, according to the borehole diameter, initial water pump type. Different types of pumps on the borehole diameter have certain requirements, the maximum pump dimensions less than well diameter 25 ~ 50mm. if wells skew, maximum size of the pump should be smaller. In short, the pump body cannot get close to the well the wall, with waterproof pump vibration will damage well.

Two, according to the well water, well selected pump flow. Each hole has an economically optimal water pump flow should be equal to or less than the water depth of water wells decreased to half of the water. When the pumping more water than the water wells, wells will cause the wall collapse deposit well, affect the service life; if the pumping volume is too small, well benefit is not fully realized. Therefore, the best way is to wells pumping test in wells may provide the greatest amount of water for the selected wells pump flow. According to water flow, marking label type or specification of the number quasi.

Three, according to the water level drop depth and water pipe head loss, determine the actual needs of the pump head, the pump head is well, it is equal to the water level to the vertical distance from the surface of the pool (net lift) plus the loss of lift. The lift loss is usually 6 to 9% of the net lift, usually 1 ~ 2M. water pump the first stage impeller in water depth to 1 ~ 1.5m is appropriate. The total length of the pump tube should not exceed the provisions of the manual pump wells into the maximum length.

Four, well water and sediment concentration of more than 1/10000 of the well is not suitable for the installation of deep well pumps. Because the excessive sediment concentration of well water, if more than 0.1%, will accelerate the wear of rubber bearings, cause water pump vibration, and shorten pump life.