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What you should know about sewage pumps(1)
- Aug 24, 2018 -

Sewage pump products are mainly used in municipal engineering, industrial construction, enterprises, factories and mines and other fields of sewage discharge, because of its use is very convenient, low cost, conducive to environmental protection, has been widely used. Because the conveyed medium contains fibers that are easily wound or bunched. For this reason, the medium can be used for cutting grinder or crusher, and the effect is better. If the pump is blocked, not only can not work properly, or even burn the motor, resulting in poor drainage. It has a serious impact on urban life and environmental protection. There are many sewage pump products on the market now. When users buy products, they must pay attention to the quality of the products and choose them carefully. For the selection, use and maintenance of sewage pumps, please follow the following aspects.


1, sewage pump is one of the products that implement production license management. Therefore, first of all, we must purchase products with the production license logo. The General Factory conditions of the enterprises receiving the production license are better, and the quality assurance system has been established. The quality of the products without the license is not guaranteed. In addition, choose some well-known products of large enterprises, although the price is higher, but from the comprehensive cost of after-sales service and product use, or more cost-effective.

2. Choose a product with complete information such as the address of the manufacturer, the telephone number and the implementation standard on the outer package or the nameplate. There is no guarantee that the quality of products on the outer package or nameplate will not be guaranteed. In addition, we should check whether the inspection certificate and the instruction manual are complete. Are there safety tips in the instructions, technical performance parameters (flow, head, efficiency, etc.), and precautions for installation and use, etc.

3, we should pay attention to choose comparison. First of all, the flow head of the product and supporting power, for some manufacturers arbitrarily elevated flow head power situation, users should check whether there is quality supervision department issued inspection report, another way is to compare, generally speaking, the greater the power of the same series of products, the heavier the weight, supporting the same power motor For sewage pump products of the same flow rate, the head should be the same; or the head should be the same, the flow rate should be the same. Next, we need to see the appearance of the product and whether it has accessories.

4. Users should inform distributors of the use conditions and parameters of the purchased products so as to reasonably select the product specifications, avoid unreasonable selection and affect normal use.