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Why do sewage pumps need automatic coupling devices(1)
- Aug 27, 2018 -

Sewage submersible pump is a kind of product which is connected with motor and pump and can submerge into water at the same time. It can be used to transport wastewater containing fiber or solid particles. It can be used in building, hospital, road, water supply and factory sewage disposal, sewage disposal and other occasions to transport wastewater containing solid particles or fibers, sewage and so on.

We all know that it works under the water, does not occupy the land on the shore and does not need special parts of the pump room, can save a lot of construction costs. But it also has another drawback, that is to maintain and repair it will be more troublesome. It works under the water. When it is to be maintained and repaired, it is necessary to drain all the water in its area before people can work. So it is very troublesome and the working time is very long. What can I do? Installing an automatic coupling device can solve this problem easily.