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Working principle of submersible pump
- Mar 05, 2018 -

Submersible pump, also called a submersible pump, is a wide use of water treatment tools, both in agricultural production and industrial processing can see its shadow. The submersible pump is usually composed of pump body, lift pipe, pump seat, submersible motor and starting protection device. The popular talk is a kind of machine which combines the pump and the motor to carry the liquid. It is simple in structure and easy to use.

According to the different relative position of pump and motor, submersible pump can be divided into the pump and pump type. The pump submersible pump motor in the above, below, this structure greatly reduces the radial size of the pump, so much for submersible pump and small submersible pump operation. Down pump submersible pump motor in the top, the pump below, it is divided into two types of internal and external loading. The liquid conveyed by the submersible submersible pump is first passed through the annular channel that surrounds the motor, so that the cooling motor will then flow out of the pump pressure outlet. Even when the pump is close to the drain tank, it is not necessary to worry about the heating of the motor, so the application scope is increasing.  External pump submersible pump directly from the pressurized water chamber after the impeller or diffuser outlet of discharged liquid, motor is cooled by liquid pumping.

According to its application and application, the submersible pump can be divided into submersible pump, scuba diving pump, and water submersible pump. It plays a very important role in all walks of life, such as municipal engineering, industry, hospital, building, hotel, water conservancy construction and so on.