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Assembly Requirements For Deep Well Pump
- Mar 05, 2018 -

A pump seat and a water lifting pipe connection on the basis of Wakawai Suga, slightly oblique, pump seat corresponding deviation (not simple correction pump seat level); the gap between the base seat and the pump should be filled wedge.

Two. The long shaft deep well pump should be in accordance with the following requirements:

When the 1. shaft is connected to each other, the end faces of the two axes should be fitted, and the depth of the two axles should be equal to the depth of the coupling.

2., the motor and pump base should be tightly attached, and no padding shall be allowed. If the motor shaft is not coaxial with the hollow shaft of the motor, the adjustment of the inclined pad iron between the pump base and the foundation shall be made.

Three. The submersible deep well pump should still meet the following requirements:

After the assembly of 1. pumps and motors, clean water should be filled into the submersible motor through the motor irrigation.

Unit 2. dives into the water depth should not exceed 70 meters, if it is more than 70 meters, with the motor stator windings, cables and connectors for hydrostatic pressure test.

Four assembly pump, pumping pipe, transmission shaft, the connecting piece should tighten gradually into the well, to prevent the parts and tools into wells, cable of submersible pump should be bundled in a pumping tube;

Five, the lifting pipe thread connection is connected, should add the lubricating oil, should not be filled in flax, lead oil; pipe end and bearing bracket joint (long axis deep well pump) or directly attached, two pipe coupling depth rotation should be equal; the lifting pipe flange, flange face should be added gasket.