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Common Fault Analysis Of Well Submersible Pump
- Mar 05, 2018 -

Well submersible pump is an important equipment for water extraction in deep wells, and the whole unit works in water and extracts the ground water to the surface.

Reasons for common failures of well submersible pumps and their elimination methods

Failure phenomenon: no water, less water or intermittent effluent.

Cause: the motor reversal; the motor does not start; the water level below the suction port; the pipeline or joints serious leakage; the pump impeller sealing ring or serious wear damage; the motor and pump shaft coupling movement. Troubleshooting: replacement of the location of the point; the exclusion of the fault line, check the voltage; increase the lifting pipe or replace the water pump; the pump down maintenance, eliminate the fault; the replacement of the seal ring or impeller; the coupling sleeve is firmly fixed.

Failure phenomenon: flow reduction.

The causes are as follows: (1) the seal ring is worn; (2) the filter net is blocked; and the water pipe or shell is leaking.  Elimination methods: (1) dismantle the pump to replace the seal ring; (2) dismantle the pump and repair the filter water network; and remove the pump overhaul to eliminate the failure.

Failure phenomenon: severe vibration of the unit.

The causes are as follows: (1) the shaft of the pump is bent; and the wear of the bearings of the pump and the motor is too large. Elimination methods: 1. Remove the pump correction axis or replacement; 2. Remove the pump or motor to repair the bearing.

Fault phenomenon: the indicator of the meter is swinging.

The causes are as follows: (1) the moving water level is reduced to the suction port of the pump; 2. The flow is too large to cause the string of the pump rotor. Elimination methods: (1) increasing water pipe or replacing water pump; and closing small valve to reduce water output.

Failure phenomenon: insulation resistance falls below 0.5M Omega.

The reasons are as follows: (1) the quality of the cable joint is not high; (2) the insulation damage of the motor; and the damage of the cable. Elimination methods: (1) reconnection of cable joint; 2. Repair motor winding; (3) repair or replace cable.

Failure phenomenon: when starting, the motor does not turn, and there is a buzzing sound.

The causes are as follows: (1) motor single phase operation; 2. Bearing occlusal axis. Elimination methods: (1) check the power cable to find out the broken phase; 2. Repair or replace the bearing.