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Select The Requirements Before The Submersible Pump
- Mar 05, 2018 -

The benefits of submersible pumps are visible. The choice of submersible pumps is also critical. We should choose the type of pumps according to the actual situation of water sources, and the requirements of working time and pump volume. First of all, we should choose the difference between the head of the water intake and the outlet of the water intake; secondly, the flow of the pump should be able to meet the requirements of drainage and irrigation.

(1) use of environmental requirements

1. There is a safe and reliable power supply.

2. The gap between the outlet of the water pipe and the water surface of the pool is less than the lift.

3, we should choose a relatively clean water source.

(two) start up

1, 11 kw submersible pumps are allowed to start directly. The submersible pump of more than 13 kilowatts should be equipped with a step-down start cabinet. To protect the safe operation of the submersible pump.

2, in order to avoid the instantaneous movement of the rotor of the submersible pump and the reduction of the starting load. The outlet valve should be closed to 3/4 when the submersible pump is started. (leave 1/4 air gap. In order to deflate) until the water is started, open it slowly. To the pump operating point control in the appropriate position.

3. After the start of the start operation. Monitoring and observation of water level should be strengthened. Ensure that the submersible pump operates within the range of working conditions. After the smooth operation of the submersible pump, it can be put into formal operation.

4. The submersible pump has been put into operation for the first time for 5 hours. The thermal insulation resistance is measured quickly in the shutdown. The value is not less than 0.5M Omega. Can we continue to use it.

(three) operation

1, the submersible pump should work at the design point. The axial force is moderate at this time. The pump has the highest efficiency. The most economical and reliable.

2, the submersible pump should be checked once every 8 hours. There is no change in each instrument. Whether the circuit node is hot or not. The sound is normal. Whether the normal working current is larger than the nominal value of the motor brand.