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The Correct Selection Method Of Well Pump
- Mar 05, 2018 -

It is very important to select the well pump correctly to prolong the life of the pump and well, and to give full play to the benefit of the pump. The selected pumps not only meet the required flow and lift, but also ensure easy installation, reliable use and good economy. So before selecting the pump, we need to collect and master the basic data, such as the perpendicularity, well diameter, well depth, static water level, well water volume and unit water volume, and then choose the pump according to the following methods.

(1) according to the dynamic situation. The local well pump supply situation buckle the verticality of the well, the primary selection of the pump. Generally speaking, if the local power supply is guaranteed, it is better to choose submersible pump, because its weight is light, installation and use is simple, and its vertical degree of well pipe is relatively low. Conversely, if there is no electricity area, or the power supply can not be guaranteed, and the verticality of the well pipe is relatively good, the deep well pump driven by diesel engine can be selected.

(2) the model of deep well pump is preliminarily determined according to the diameter of the well. The minimum borehole diameter and the diameter of pump used must conform to, as well as 8 inches diameter, deep well pump should be less than 8JD. But in general, in order to ensure easy installation, the diameter of the well should be 2 inches larger than the minimum well diameter of the well pump.

(3) the pump type is selected according to the maximum amount of water gushing of the well. The maximum amount of water gushing in a well should be determined by the pumping test of the well. However, if the pumping test can not be made due to the limitation of the equipment, the data can be estimated according to the amount of water gushing and the depth of the water level in the well.