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The Main Causes Affecting The Normal Operation Of The Submersible Pump
- Mar 05, 2018 -

In general, the main factors that affect the normal operation of the submersible pump are as follows.

(1) the problem of leakage of electricity. The characteristic of the submersible pump is that the pump is integrated with the pump, and it does not enter the water together. So the leakage problem is one of the important factors that affect the normal operation of the submersible pump.

(2) plugging. When the submersible pump is blocked, the stator winding will produce 5~7 times more than normal full load current, such as no protection measures, the submersible pump will be burned quickly. There are many reasons for the plugging of the submersible pump, such as the impellers, the mechanical seal shafts, and the entanglement of the dirt.

(3) the power supply voltage is too low or the frequency is too low.

(4) wear and corrosion. Wear and tear will greatly reduce the performance of the electric pump, flow, lift and efficiency will be reduced, impeller and pump cover rust will also cause plugging. The corrosion of the parts of the submersible pump not only affects the performance of the pump, but also reduces the service life.

(5) the cable is broken and broken. The rupture and fracture of the cable are not only easy to cause electric shock, but also the water pump is very likely to be in the state of two phase work, neither water nor water. It is easy to damage the motor.